Witches Are NOT Condemned In The Bible

If a person is trying to convince me that the Bible condemns Witchcraft, I’ll share the following information:

Most Christians quote the following infamous scripture that appears to support their belief that the Bible condemns witches. “Thou shalt not suffer a Witch to live” (Exodus 22:18). Obviously, in the original Hebrew language this word did not mean ‘witch’. It actually referred to someone who used poisonous herbs to harm others. In Greek, this same word is translated as ‘pharmacopeia’- someone who cast curses, and provided people with poisonous herbs to harm others. Today, we might call that person a drug dealer and a more accurate modern translation might read ‘Thou shalt not suffer a drug dealer to live’.

The passage was NOT intended to condemn people who used herbs and magic to heal and help others.  It was simply condemning those whose actions were hurting or causing harm to others. So, unless a “witch” is dealing in poisonous herbs or drugs with the intent to cause harm, this scripture really does not apply!  Suggest your Christian friends or family members examine the actions of a person and not the label they have been given.

Peace and health be with you,


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