What is the Most Important Part of a Spell?

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Beginners frequently worry about getting something wrong when they cast a spell. Should they still try if they missed the full moon or if they don’t have the appropriate color candles? My answer is a definite yes! A good spell will draw its power from your heart and mind, not from the tools you use.

When a spell doesn’t work, it’s probably not because the timing was off or the wrong combination of ingredients were used. It’s more likely that the steps followed simply didn’t resonate with the spirit of the practitioner. You can have perfect timing and follow every step to the letter, but if you are just going through the motions and are not sure what result you expect, the message you send out may not be clear enough. A focused mind and intense feelings will get the best results. Good spells help the practitioner draw out the thoughts and emotions they want to send out into the universe.

To better understand the role of tools, imagine yourself writing ”I love you” on a napkin with a crayon and giving it to a loved one. The message will likely be received just as well as a note written on expensive paper using gold ink. In this example the writing tools used are very different, and yet both notes deliver the message loud and clear. I believe with all my heart that the Universe is just as flexible. Any tools you use to convey your message to a higher power will take a backseat to the sentiment you are expressing.  Your personal thoughts and feelingswill always be the most important part of any spell.

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