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Tips for beginners on casting spells.

Can I Substitute An Ingredient In a Spell?

A spell is basically a set of directions with a list of ingredients for making or preparing something, It can also be described as a formula or procedure for doing or attaining something. Actually, those are Miriam Webster’s definitions for a recipe, and that’s exactly what a spell is.

When it comes to cooking those who are just learning tend to follow a recipe to the letter. On the other hand, a more experienced cook does not hesitate to exchange, add or remove ingredients based on their personal preferences. I swear my sister has the ability to take a recipe, substitute half the ingredients and end up with something even more delicious than what the original cook made. Most spells can be modified with similar results.

NOTE:  The exception to this would be herbal and plant-based ingredients used for health or healing spells. When you are consuming or using products on your skin it’s best to rely on the knowledge and experience of medical professionals or experienced practitioners.

If you don’t have an ingredient and are not sure what to substitute, simply leave it out. I frequently leave out an herb from a spell or cooking recipe if I don’t care for the taste. When you are just starting out, stick with spells that require fewer ingredients and steps.  As you learn which ingredients and tools you prefer, you can begin to modify your spells with confidence.

Magic can be as simple as rubbing scented oil on a colored candle, setting it in a holder and lighting it as you visualize your magical need. Or it can be more complex, involving several candles, multiple herbs, oils, incense, ritual clothing, chants and more. If you attempt a spell that is too complicated for your skill level, you risk sending out a confused or unclear message to the Universe. Keeping your message clear is vital. The details are up to you. Just enjoy yourself and keep that positive energy flowing!

What is the Most Important Part of a Spell?

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Beginners frequently worry about getting something wrong when they cast a spell. Should they still try if they missed the full moon or if they don’t have the appropriate color candles? My answer is a definite yes! A good spell will draw its power from your heart and mind, not from the tools you use.

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Can Wicca Be Used for Financial Gain?

There are thousands of money spells on the Internet. Do you need some quick cash to pay a bill?  There’s a spell for that.  Perhaps you’d like a new job or a nice raise, or maybe money for college.  No problem! There are spells for those things too … and anything else you might need cash for. So with all these spells so easily available, why isn’t every Witch or Wiccan rolling in the dough?

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