Introduction to Spells

Do you think casting spells is hard or complicated? Have you avoided this aspect of Wicca because you were worried you’d make a mistake? Perhaps you tried casting a spell in the past that simply did not work and now you think spell casting is something that only happens in the movies.

You will not find many pre-written spells on our site. Instead, we focus on helping the beginner understand the Universal Laws that ultimately determine whether spells succeed or fail.

In this category you’ll receive guidance on how to use magical tools, herbs, crystals and candles to create powerful spells that enrich your life and improve the world around you. These are must-read topics if you’re a beginner who wants to cast spells with confidence and experience the magic of the Universe in a new way!

This category is starting small, but will continue to grow in the weeks and months to come. We hope you will visit us often to read our new posts!

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One thought on “Introduction to Spells”

  1. Always great to discuss spells and why they may not work! When they do work, they certainly do. In the wicca literature one reads much about intent and yes, I believe that the intent and sincerity behind the spell and the allies one summons has much to do with success or failure.

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