Can Wicca Be Used for Financial Gain?

There are thousands of money spells on the Internet. Do you need some quick cash to pay a bill?  There’s a spell for that.  Perhaps you’d like a new job or a nice raise, or maybe money for college.  No problem! There are spells for those things too … and anything else you might need cash for. So with all these spells so easily available, why isn’t every Witch or Wiccan rolling in the dough?

Many believe it is wrong to use spells or do magic for personal gain. There is a very good reason for this According to the Law of Three, the thoughts and feelings we send forth will be returned to us threefold.
Since money spells are commonly used by individuals who are desperate for a little financial relief, the energy they send out is often that of “need”. Sadly, this can cause even more need to flow into their life.

It is important to understand that the Law of Three, also known as the Law of Attraction or Karma, does not work as a genie that grants wishes.  One reader emailed me this week with her simple explanation of the law: “As we give to help others, the wealth that is ours comes to us.  If you help others, it comes back three fold.”

If you need to improve your finances, treat a money spell as if it were simply a seed you are planting. A gardener who wants a beautiful garden would never simply toss the seeds in the dirt and expect a bountiful harvest.

Young plants must be watered and weeds need to be pulled to give them a fighting chance.  In my humble opinion, lighting a green candle and saying a few words of intention and then hoping to get a check in the mail, is equivalent to the gardener simply tossing seeds in the dirt and expecting a bountiful harvest. While it’s possible some plants will sprout, they will soon be chocked out by weeds or die of thirst without proper attention.

Instead of asking the Universe to give something to you, consider asking your Goddess or God to show you ways you can give more to others. The Divine wants us to have everything we need for a full and happy life and will reward us by multiplying what we send forth.

If you decide to try a money spell, just remember to abide by the Universal Law of Three. This Divine law works best when you focus on what you can give instead of what you can receive.  And be a good gardener. Make sure you nourish and care for any “seeds” you plant until they mature. This will help them grow faster.

Finally, always remember that true wealth comes in many forms. Having an abundance of good health, close friends and time to spend with loved ones will also make you rich!

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