Choosing a Craft Name

Choosing a Craft Name
In Wicca, choosing a Craft name for use in ritual or magic is a common practice. Some Witches take names associated with their branch of the Craft (Welsh names in Welsh traditions, Saxon names in Saxon traditions, etc.).  Others try to choose a name that reflects their personality or describes their interests or feelings. Selecting a name associated with a goal you are striving for is also a good option.

In some traditions, if you are in a Coven, your Craft name may be given to you by a Coven member. However, if you follow an eclectic path, you can choose whether or not you want a Craft name and what you want it to be.  The choice is yours.  You get to choose what you want to be known as before your God and Goddess. This is your chance to redefine who you are or who you want to become.

I chose the name Kardia Zoe because I was studying the Greek language at the time, and it reminded me to write from my heart (Kardia) when I write about life (Zoe).  Today it’s easy to go online and find the meaning of words in other languages, so the possibilities are endless!

Just remember that energy follows thought, and a name that makes you think and feel about something positive, will be more likely to draw positive energy to you, than a name like Dark Cloud or Stormy.    You might want to identify yourself with the name of something that you have a strong association with.  A type of animal, tree, plant, or crystal are a few more examples.

The choice is yours. You can decide the name you want to adopt as your own. You may want to change it again when circumstances in your life change,  or you may want to stick with it forever.  Just remember, you are describing who you really are (or want to become) so choose your Craft name wisely!



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