Fast Food & Gourmet Spells

I have a confession to make. Over the past decade or so, I developed a preference for quick and easy spells. They took less physical energy and I was happy with the results. So what is wrong with that?

Imagine serving your partner fast food for dinner every night. It takes less effort and you’ve done your part in providing the meal, right? Now imagine creating a delicious gourmet meal and a special atmosphere using ingredients you have selected yourself, like fresh vegetables and herbs, wine and candles or special lighting. When you put your personal energy into creating your meal and a memorable atmosphere, you tend to get higher quality food and your meal itself becomes a magical occasion. Your extra effort also tends to strengthen your relationship with your dinner partner.

Dinner Outdoors

While both methods above get the job done, the first may only take care of a basic need, while the second is more likely to enrich your life and add a bit of magic to it. That’s what I have been missing with my ‘fast food’ spells. Although my needs were being met, those special magical moments were taking a backseat.

Planning a special event can be fun. You spend time getting yourself ready, gathering tools and ingredients, grinding herbs, selecting oils or incense to scent the room and lighting candles to create the perfect atmosphere for talking to your Divine partner. The extra effort is always acknowledged by the universe and it offers a magical experience in itself.

Unfortunately, in the fast-paced world we live in today, most of us are looking for shortcuts and ways to save time. I am not suggesting we give up all our time-saving methods. The ability to enjoy a fast meal or cast a quick spell on a busy day is a true blessing. However we really don’t benefit when we skimp on our relationships, Divine or otherwise.

I talk to the Goddess daily and to be honest, I am sure I’ll still be casting plenty of ‘fast food’ spells in the future. But I am also sure that this year I’ll be planning more ‘gourmet’ spells to help improve my relationship with my Divine partner. Come to think of it, I am also overdue for a candlelight dinner with my husband. I guess he’ll benefiting from this article too!

So enjoy your fast meals and spells, but be sure to make time for gourmet meals and special activities as often as possible. Then watch as the magic in your life increases!

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