How Do Spells and Magic Really Work?

Virtually every religion or path teaches that God, the Divine or Universal energy exists within us all. The real question is not whether there is such a thing as magic, but how do we work with it and direct it? 

The answer may be linked to the Threefold Law.  The Threefold Law (or Law of Three) is a karmic concept that whatever energy you send out, in thought, word or deed, will return to you three times over.  This law applies to both positive and negative energy, and is in enforced whether your behavior is deliberate or not. 

Some also refer to this as the Law of Attraction.   A book that has been on the New York Times bestseller list, The Secret,  focuses on this same principle … that like attracts like!  It’s really no secret … but the book does a good job of helping you direct your thoughts and energy in a positive way for maximum results.  It also does a very good job of explaining how negative thoughts and feelings can prevent you from receiving blessings in your life.  

Maybe you have never considered bad relationships, lack of money or poor health could be the result of magic or miracles gone wrong. Most people don’t consider their everyday thoughts and feelings to be magical.. They believe if they aren’t officially practicing magic or casting spells, that the things that happen in their lives are just up to fate. But whenever you focus your thoughts and feelings on something, you are destined to draw more of the same energy back into your life.  This is a universal law known by various names such as the Threefold Law, Law of three or Law of Attraction, and it is constantly at work whether you believe in it or not! This means you are constantly influencing the events in your life whether you intend to or not

For example, if you’re focused on how broke you are, your thoughts and feelings may just be drawing more of the same back to you.  If what you feel inside is NOT what you want to multiply in your life. start thinking about how you would feel if you already had the life you wanted. If it’s your finances you want to increase, try imagining what it feels like to have all your bills pain in full or to get a big raise at work. Those are the thoughts and feelings you want to be sending out. However, please don’t just sit and wait for a check to arrive in the mail. That is a rare event. Instead, be open to new circumstances, events or people who present unexpected opportunities to you.

  And according to The Secret, the more intense and focused your thoughts and feelings are, (whether positive or negative) the faster the Universe responds.

 The good news is that the power to change your life is already within you.  You can be, do or have anything you truly desire, simply by learning how to direct this Divine, Universal energy that is flowing through us all. Some may feel that the results of directing this energy are truly magical or miraculous, while others simply feel what happens is a natural reaction to a Universal Law, and not magical at all. 

I would love to hear your comments on this topic!

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