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Love Magick


There have been numerous books written on the subject of Love Magick and many books contain Love Spells. Certainly a solid 50% of the email I receive deals with it. My writing here won't address the various books or spells as there are far too many to briefly cover. The purpose of this text is go beyond my original writing and offer points of consideration on what type of love spells or magick will not violate the Rede.

To reiterate: Don't direct a Love Spell towards anyone who is not aware of the spell or has not consented to you working it... While firm, this also gives a great deal of latitude as well.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to find someone to share your life with and magick is a perfectly acceptable way of helping you do this. Instead of focusing your energy on a particular person however, construct the spell or ritual so that you draw the ideal mate into your life. In reality, it may not be the person you think or wish it to be.

At the same time, you can also weave a spell so that someone you wish to be with will see your qualities. This is different than using magick to make this person fall in love with you however. The key in this is not using magick to influence their free will in the matter.

With this rule in mind and an understanding that not all love magick is manipulative, we can now explore the options. First I'll cover those who are seeking the ideal mate, then we'll move to existing relationships.

For the Single

Develop a list of qualities, attributes and interests that you seek in the ideal mate. After you've done this, research the appropriate herbs, oils and or magickal tools necessary to help facilitate your working. All the necessary herbs, incense, single oils and oil blends are available in our catalog. Once complete, work your spell, ritual or candle magick focusing on drawing the right person into your life. This will not be a one time ritual so don't expect it to be. As with all magick, results take time, focus and energy. What you get back from the spell is totally dependant upon the energy you put into it. It is a ritual you will need to repeat on a regular basis until it manifests in your life.

Have enough confidence in and respect for yourself to know that you deserve to be loved and it will come to you when the time is right. Give nature a chance to work its own spell. You must remember that Magick is not for the impatient...

For Those In A Relationship

Love is the greatest gift nature has to offer and if two people are meant to be, the energy and chemistry between them will happen naturally. If your relationship needs a little nudge however, don't be afraid to tell the person how you feel and to use the appropriate herbs, oils or rituals to help. The key to remember during your rituals is that instead of asking that this person love you more deeply, focus on

"If this relationship is meant to be, may our love become stronger..."

Then follow it up by doing the things people in love do to, for and with each other. Put the energy and effort into making it happen. In this way, your spellwork is not crossing the line into manipulative magick.

If your relationship is struggling or has hit rough spots, remember that all relationships have their ups and downs. The first step to resolving this is through open and honest communication, not magick.

If as a couple you wish to stay together, the use of magick to help is acceptable as long as both parties are aware and agree to its working. Again, do your research and use the herbs, oils and tools to help. It will take the combined energy and effort of both of you to make it happen though. Love cannot exist as a one sided emotion.

Many times if you objectively evaluate the situation, you will find that you've gotten into ruts which have taken the excitement out of the relationship or you're not putting the energy into one another that you once did.

Using magick can certainly help, but putting energy and effort into being attentive, considerate, seductive, romantic and showing genuine interest and desire for one another is the greatest love magick there is. The results of these acts are almost always immediate as well.

On the down side, you must be willing to accept that if your interests and personalities don't align, compromises cannot be reached, or the energy isn't there, magick is not the answer. Sometimes we have to be wise and strong enough to accept that people grow, evolve and change which can lead to a fork in two peoples paths. What was once a relationship that offered growth, nurturing and oneness of spirit may no longer be the case.

Gentle Breezes!