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Our Voice

Help us dispel the myths, superstitions and misconceptions!

Several years ago, I was minding my own business enjoying a bonfire on a warm summer evening at my home in the mountains. Nothing special, just contemplating the stars and night sky when the Goddess grabbed me firmly by the ear and gave me an abrupt and clear understanding of the path I was supposed to follow.

Crap! I was so content to just quietly live my life, sell my soul to corporate America like everyone else ... making enough to play as I wished, and relax when I could... But Noooooooooo! She had a task for me... Out of the blue, I'm supposed to inform, educate and help bring her children home to her nurturing embrace... Yeah, like a middle aged, somewhat kinky, no, that's a fib, more than somewhat kinky ex biker/bad boy Pagan/Witch is going to be a great role model for anyone! LOL...

Anyway, While at times I'm somewhat slow to learn, I have learned enough over the years to know NOT to provoke a thump upside the head by the Goddess... So, after minimal whining, I set about building this grove as a place of truth and unyielding dedication to the principles of the old traditions. Just a personal site with a couple of basic writings at first...

At conception, the main purpose of this site was (and still is) to provide information about the old beliefs in hopes of dispelling the myth, superstition and misconception which have surrounded our ways for so many centuries. The second focus was to offer those who follow this path viable contact opportunities with others of like mind and spirit. We are now using social media tools such as message forums, blogs and Facebook pages to achieve these goals.

Judging from millions of visitors and the thousands of emails we've received, we've been somewhat successful in creating a sense of unification within the diverse, yet still widely scattered Pagan community.

This site is an indelible example that one voice can make a difference. It began as my single voice writing a couple of letters expressing my humble thoughts, feelings and views... then, because of the Council volunteers and each and every one of you. it slowly grew into something more and truly magickal.

The Burning Times may be behind us, but fears, hatred and lies are still with us today. Even now, there are those in our society who would like nothing more than to see all who follow alternate forms of spirituality judged as criminals, stripped of their rights and locked up or worse... Make no mistake about it, they work toward these goals on a daily basis, are well funded, and will win if we are complacent and believe that one voice can't/won't make a difference...

If you would like to join us in our mission, you can support us by visiting our Wicca Stores for your magical supplies, books, jewelry and handcrafted gifts. Your purchases there will ensure our voices will be heard as we provide education and promote tolerance of the old ways.

Thank You ... and Gentle Breezes!