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Our Souls


I was just out in the pasture wandering around after feeding the horses and had to take pause to sit on the straw under a very old and majestic fir. It is unseasonably warm for this time of year and the air feels pure and clean. Sitting there viewing the green grass in the meadow, the rolling hills and tree covered mountains, my thoughts wandered back to a time when our ancestors lived in closer harmony and balance with nature and the land.

Sometimes I long for those days and feel that we have lost something very important in exchange for technology. I often fear that in our increased knowledge through technological evolution we have not become any wiser. That there is something deep inside speaking to us, nudging us to search out and find the path that will lead us on a journey back to the connection with the earth we once had, and I feel a great sense of loss.

As always, this feeling only seems to last a short while though. Returning to my keyboard as I must, the all too familiar squelches, beeps and squeals of the modem connecting me to the world somehow brings reassurance and a smile. Awaiting me is more work than I can possibly do, more questions than our small group could possibly answer, and the warmth of thousands of souls.

Since I began The Celtic Connection web site back in May of '97, it has become apparent that many others from around the world are hearing these same inner voices and feeling the same tugs upon the spirit and soul.

Every day we are blessed by hundreds of visitors passing through our pages seeking answers, fellowship, and learning to once again hear the voice of the Lord and Lady we had somehow forgotten how to hear so long ago.

The letters continually pour in from those who write telling how something within our pages struck a chord of truth within. That something they read inspired a sense of warmth and calm washing over their soul. How a few simple words brought a tear welling up in their eye form a feeling of returning home to an awareness and understanding long departed but not forgotten.

We are truly blessed my brothers and sisters to live in a time where the barriers to worldwide communication have fallen. Blessed to share in a medium allowing those of like mind to find communion and solidarity through the technology of the internet. Blessed to know that we are not alone in our beliefs. To know without a doubt that so many others feel this same stirring and call within.

We are witnessing, and are part of a great spiritual up-welling where countless thousands are hearing the loving voice of the Goddess and slowly finding their way home.

The next time the stress and pressure of your life makes you feel as though you'll burst, go take a walk in the rain, or sit under the shelter of an old tree and let the kiss of a crisp winter or warm spring breeze caress your face and smile. Then log-on and make a connection. Let the energy of this growing love, awareness and understanding well up within to refresh and make your spirit whole.

Blessings and Gentle Breezes!