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Advanced Visualization

This is an advanced visualization. If you find it difficult to hold all of the senses for this exercise, go back and practice on the others for a while longer. All it takes is patience and practice. Also remember when visualizing you should think of natural substances, colors, and scents etc... whenever possible. They lend more power to your techniques.

Sit or lie down (although if you are tired lying down is probably not a good idea) and relax. Center yourself, feel your breathing. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself in the forest, or at the beach, or on a plain. I will use a forest for this example. There are no people around anywhere. Do not open your eyes there yet. Feel the ground beneath you. Is it grassy? Are there rocks? Smell the air. You can smell the pines, the earth and a cool crispness. It almost feels like early fall. The light breeze is cool on your skin. Can you hear it singing through the trees? Can you hear any birds or insects? Taste the pine smell and the soft earth smell. Run your hands along the ground at your sides. What do you feel? When you are feeling all of these fully, reach out your mind (eyes still shut.) Feel the trees around you, not with your hands, but with your mind. Feel their life. Feel the life in the wind and the rocks. Feel your life. Can you feel any birds, insects or other animals? When you are comfortable with this and are using all your senses except sight, open your eyes and look at the trees around you. See the details of color. Look around. Feel free to get up and explore. If you know (or even if you don't know) your spirit animal you can ask it to accompany you as you wander around. When you are done remember to thank it and bring yourself back to your body and to the present before opening your eyes to the physical world.