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Finding Balance

Balance is all important to a shaman. Since all life is interconnected through the web of power, all actions will have many reactions. You must consider these reactions before you act. The Wiccan Rede and the Threefold Law are just as valid in shamanism as they are in Wicca, though they are not rules that one must follow as they are in Wicca.

Just as the triple goddess of Wicca has the crone aspect to deal with death and change, shamanism also deals with these aspects of life. Shamans understand that for anything to be created something must be destroyed, that without dark there could be no light. Good and evil are just flip sides of the coin. There is such a thing as appropriate destruction, for instance, bad habits, beliefs that you wish to change, unhealthy relationships, etc... Destruction has tremendous power and shamans understand this and use it to benefit themselves and those around them.

Creation is just as important, but without destruction there can be no creation and vice versa. Shamans must learn to balance these two forces in their lives. Power is found in balance because if you keep you life balanced and consider balance in what you do then you are in tune with the web of power. This means creating and destroying, giving and receiving. The more you give the more you shall receive, but remember that to stay in balance you must accept the gifts you receive, just giving is not enough. Accept your gifts gratefully and remember that everything in life is a gift.

Shamans are very aware of the big picture. If your goals are in harmony with the big picture (the spirit world's version of it, not necessarily what you think it ought to be) then if you work towards your goals you will reach them. Not necessarily when you think they should or in the way you expected but they will come to be. The key to it all is neutrality. Strong emotions can cloud or even block information coming to you from the spirit world, the same holds true for blind opinions. You have to be willing to look at both sides of an issue because sometimes the answers will be on the side opposite your opinion.

Shamans learn to detach from situations, often through the use of humor. It's very hard to stay emotional and attached to an issue when you are laughing at the situation or at yourself. Humor can be found in everything, especially if it involves humans, you just need to learn to see it. If you are too emotional about something your road will probably lead to failure. Your emotions will blind you. The same goes if you pay too much attention to something. A watched pot never boils, you know. The spirit world needs to be free to work and to give as it chooses. You will need to learn to surrender to succeed and to understand that the spirit world works in its own way and time.

Remember to listen to yourself, your guides, and allies and to look at the big picture and consider balance in what you do. Be willing to change and to view it as an interesting learning experience, rather than hiding or running from it. Do not let your emotions cloud what you do. Most of all remember to be patient and accepting of the spirit world.