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Places of Power

Have you noticed that certain places just "feel" better than others and that others make you "feel" uncomfortable? This is because the energy in certain areas has a more harmonious, or positive, reaction with people and the energy in other places can have a negative reaction with people. These effects come from the rocks and earth of the area.

People can effect the energy levels of the area around them (this is easily noticed during spellwork or rituals). If people feel enough negativity in one place the area itself starts to feel bad and the same holds true if people feel enough positive emotion in one area, it will slowly become positively charged. Churches and places of worship are good examples of this. I had the opportunity to visit a concentration camp in what used to be East Germany a few years ago. I could feel the negative energy of the place even as we were driving up to it and that was without even trying. Cleansing an area with sage can often clear negativity, especially if the negativity centers in a room in your home. It isn't quite that easy to cleanse a place such as a large metropolitan area, for example.

Certain areas can have tremendous energy to them. You can often tell when you have found one by a tingling feeling in your hands, feet or face. A few famous examples are Stonehenge and the pyramids, but there are many more places, both large and small, that hold tremendous power. There are many small areas of energy all around, even in your own home. Certain places can be beneficial to all, some just to certain people. Animals and plants are very aware of these power places and will either flock to them or avoid them depending on the types of energies there. These places can magnify your emotions, so be aware of how you are feeling before you visit one. They are also known to balance, energize and heal. However, there are also many places that have the opposite effects, so be careful. What is a good place for one person may not be so for another.

To find a place of power relax, close your eyes, ask your guide to help you and feel for one. Try to sense it either as a sensation on one side of your body or as a glow that you see as you look around with your eyes closed. Open your eyes and move towards the area you sensed the energy from. Repeat this until you find one, i.e. the sensation or glow is all around you. Ask your guide if this is a good place for you or if you should keep searching. If you should keep searching repeat the original steps, but look for a different spot than the one you already found. If it is the right spot for you ask the Earth to let you use the spot and thank her when you are done. Always greet her when you visit it. It is best to do this exercise outside in natural surroundings. If you can do it blindfolded and just feel your way to the spot that would be best. If you do try it blindfolded, have someone you trust with you to keep you from breaking something or falling off a cliff.

Try journeying form the spot you have found and from where you normally work from and feel the difference. You can also try journeying form different areas in you home. Some may have better energy for you than others.

Even if you cannot physically go to your power place, once you have found it you can still benefit from its energies by visiting there in the spirit world or by visualizing it in your mind. Make it a practice to do this until you become comfortable with it. Then when you need a boost your place of power will be a thought away.

You can also create your own place of power that can be used for rituals and journeys. Sites such as these are sometimes called Medicine Wheels. Pick a place that is outdoors if possible, basically flat, and feels right. It can even be at a place of power you have searched for if you can find one that will work. Outline a circle of about eight or nine feet in diameter, or whatever size feels best to you (you might want a larger area if it will be for groups) with natural objects such as stones and pine cones. If you use objects that came from plants, use found objects. Refrain from pulling apart a pine tree just to line a ritual circle. It goes against the entire idea. Smudge the area with sage and mark the center with a firepit or a large stone, or something else that feels right to you. Call upon Earth and Sky as you do this. Place markers such as rocks at the four directions, calling each one as you do. You may also wish to place crystals (two in the center one pointing up, one down, and one at each direction) to amplify the energies. You may also want to place markers at northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest as well. Add whatever other markers or objects you feel necessary.