Finding A Teacher

Helpful Tips on Finding a Teacher

When someone develops an interest in Wicca or the Old Ways, they almost always look for someone to guide them. Our parents began teaching us at birth, and as we grew, there were many teachers to guide us in our education.  This process has become so ingrained in us that most believe the only way to learn is to seek out another person to teach us.

If you want to simply focus on learning traditions and rituals, a teacher can be helpful. However if you truly want to connect with the Divine and work with the energies of your Mother Earth, you will find your perfect teacher is WITHIN you.  As you journey down this path, listen to that quiet voice when it whispers to your heart. Trust it.  It is the Goddess herself sharing her ancient wisdom, trying to point you in the right direction.  If you allow her to guide your steps, you’ll never be lead astray.

We will always encourage you to open yourself up to that inner voice, because we firmly believe that the Divine did not record the Universal Laws in books, but in our hearts, in our spirits and in the living things around us. Never forget that the Divine is already within you and allow the power of the Goddess and God to flow through you and transform your life as you walk your Wiccan or Pagan path.

The late webmaster of published a wonderful article on finding a teacher or coven. He wrote “When your comfort level with the concepts of the Pagan path has grown to the point where you are certain that this is the lifestyle you wish to follow, you will undoubtedly wish to share that fellowship with others of like mind and spirit. To avoid being drawn into a group where the intent is less than honorable, there are a couple of things that may assist you in avoiding contact with the nuts out there.”   Read the complete article on Finding a Teacher.

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