Your Body and Mother EARTH

Gifts from the table of Mother Earth

Thou shalt celebrate a daily feast with all the gifts of the Messenger of Earth: The golden wheat and corn, the purple grapes of autumn, the ripe fruits of the trees, the amber honey of the bees. Quote from Book #4 The Teachings of the Elect

The earth has always represented abundance, strength and stability. In rituals an object may be buried in the ground as an offering, or to allow its energies to disperse and be absorbed by Mother Earth. But by far, the Earth’s greatest gift to us, is the gift of good health. We plant tiny seeds in her rich soil and are rewarded with foods that nourish and heal the body.

In the Teachings of the Elect that I quoted from above, it is written that eating ‘living’ or unprocessed foods would insure a long and healthy life, while eating processed or ‘dead’ foods would separate us from the Divine and lead to an early death.

If you wanted to be one of the Elect and learn from them, you were required to eat only from the table of the Earthly Mother. Today. nearly 2000 years later, most nutritional experts are still saying that the closer our food is to its original state, the healthier it is for us.

“The Earthly Mother and I are one. Never will I desert her and always will she nourish and sustain my body. You will feel the power of the Earthly Mother flowing through your body like the river when it is swollen with rains and courses mightily with a great noise.”

While I can’t say I have ever felt the energy of a raging river within me after a meal, I clearly feel much more energetic when I eat fresh fruits and vegetables, than I do after a meal of cooked or processed foods. If I am planning an activity that requires energy or focused concentration, I grab a piece of fresh fruit. Try eating only from the table of your Earthly Mother when you want to boost your energy or sharpen your mind and see what happens.

A clear and quiet mountain pond.

“First shall the Son of Man seek peace with his own body. For his body is as a mountain pond that reflects the sun when it is still and clear; but when it is full of mud and stones it reflects nothing.”

If you look into a muddy pond, little will be revealed to you and if your body is full of sludge or processed foods, you will have a much harder time receiving messages from a higher power. For centuries, many spiritual leaders have believed that eating a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables was essential to strengthening their connection with the Divine.

Today most belief systems do not give much guidance on what you should or should not eat. With a few exceptions, you are free to indulge in what you enjoy. But keep in mind that the fuel you put in your body will affect your physical, mental AND spiritual function. This is because the body, mind and spirit work as one. When your physical health is the best it can be, you’ll have maximum clarity of mind and a stronger spiritual connection with your deity.

Most of us draw energy from the Earth by walking barefoot through her soft green grass or sitting quietly on the ground in the shade of an old tree. But she will bless you with increased energy and a stronger mind and body if you also eat her gifts of fresh produce. So as you honor the element of Earth and her power to grow vibrant, healthy plants from tiny seeds, remember that she has the power to make you more vibrant and healthy too.

May peace and health be with you today!

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