Your Energy and the Element of FIRE

“Messenger of the Sun! There is no warmth without thee, no fire without thee, and no life without thee. Green leaves of the trees do worship thee and through thee the tiny wheat kernel become a river of golden grass moving with the wind. Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother, enter the holy temple within me and give me the Fire of Life!”” Teachings of the Elect Book 4

When it comes to the element of Fire, nothing outshines the Sun. While there are other forms of fire, the sun has been honored and/or worshiped in many cultures throughout history. In folklore, each year the masculine Sun, who was warm and powerful, would cover the feminine Earth who was fertile and nurturing, and life renewed itself again. This time was often referred to as the greening of the Earth.

Today, candles or fires are still lit in rituals and celebrations to honor the power and cycles of the Sun. Four of the eight Sabbats are referred to as fire festivals. Many Wiccans and Witches still celebrate them. Also known as the cross quarter days, these Sabbats include Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lammas. The name Beltane actually means ‘fire of Bel’ Belinos being one name for the Sun God. Large bonfires were especially popular on this day.

Messenger of Sun, enter my body and let me bathe in the fire of life.’ And you will feel the rays of the rising sun enter into the center point of your body …and the power of the sun shall be yours to direct to any part of your body, for the messengers dwell therein.” Teachings of the Elect Book 4

When the element of Fire/Sun is within the body, it is in the form of heat that gives us energy. In its physical state we see it as the sun, fire, light, or a form of energy such as solar, which can be used to power our homes, cars and businesses.

Today there is scientific evidence that sunshine boosts the serotonin levels in our body. This tends to improve our mood, lower our stress and help us stay calm and focused. Who doesn’t want those benefits?

Research also suggests that getting an hour of natural light in the morning can help us sleep better at night. Sunlight regulates our circadian rhythm which tell our body when to increase and decrease our melatonin levels. The more daylight exposure we get while the sun is up, the easier it is for our body to produce the melatonin we need when it’s time to sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep helps us maintain our health, energy and mental clarity.

But while a little daily sunshine can be very beneficial, too much sun can have the opposite effect. Just as a small fire can provide us with warmth and light, a larger fire can destroy our home or an entire forest and all life within. To maximize the benefits that this element offers, work with it daily or as often as possible, but always respect its power.

Keep in mind that the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water all work together as one to create and sustain life. Don’t simply honor them on the Sabbats. They are always with you. Treat them as your friends and commune with them daily or as often as possible. They will show you the way to a full, rewarding life!

Messenger of Sun, dart forth thy rays upon me! Let them touch me; let them penetrate me! I give myself to thee and thy embrace. Bless me with the Fire of Life!” Teachings of the Elect Book 4

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