How Earth, Air, Fire & Water Work With Your Spirit

Communing with Earth, Air, Fire & Water lifts our Spirit

When we learn to connect with Mother Earth and show our deep respect for nature, we draw closer to the Divine and open our lives to many blessings. in the Earth Magic category of the Living Wicca Today blog, you will find a series of posts on Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. The articles contain excerpts from manuscripts that are nearly 2000 years old. These writings give us insight on how our ancestors communicated with the Divine through nature.

These ancient texts are known as the Teachings of the Elect. While they are not traditionally used to teach Wicca, they parallel many Pagan traditions and beliefs that have been passed down through the centuries. These writings helped me gain a deeper understanding of the Old Ways and the nature-based beliefs that are still being taught today.

In this series of articles you’ll explore how the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water can improve your Spirit’s ability to communicate with the Divine. In the ancient texts that I quote, the elements are referred to as the Earthly Mother’s messengers. Communing with them daily was believed to strengthen your body, mind and spirit and draw you closer to the Divine.

The elements can be a complicated topic. There are many ways to honor and work with them. However, in this series of articles we are only going to explore how they affect our communication with the Divine.


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