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General topics on Wicca and Pagan living.

Who Should We Be Giving Thanks to?

Growing up, I was taught to give thanks to God for the food food I ate.  We were told to thank the creator, not the creation, for the gifts we received. That sounded logical, except that Mother Earth was considered a creation of the Divine and not really Divine herself.

I believe with all my heart that the Divine or Universal energy is in ALL things.  When we express thanks, it should not matter what aspect of the One we are communicating with. The gratitude is sent forth into the Universe and acknowledged.

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Is Your Life Cursed or Blessed?

Most everyone understands and agrees that when you are trying to draw the things you want into your life, it’s vital that you keep your thoughts and actions positive. Butmany have written expressing concern about how this can be accomplished when you are surrounded by negative energy throughout the day. Some readers even feel cursed, as they try hard to be good, always saying and doing the right thing, but bad things continued to happen to them.

Between financial challenges, relationship problems, health issues and family or friends constantly sharing their problems with us, no
one is really immune to negative energy. Whether a situation turns out to be a blessing or a curse may ultimately depend on how you
choose to respond.

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Talking to the Goddess

In this modern age, we can communicate with most of our friends and family instantly. We relay messages by phone, text or Internet posts and in most cases, a response is immediate. Easy, fast and clear communication is what we expect today, no matter what part of the world we are trying to connect with. The Goddess is not a world away from us. Most agree that the Divine is WITHIN us and can be found in everything around us as well. So why then, do so many feel disconnected from a force that resides within them?

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A Bountiful Garden of Life

A Bountiful Garden of Life

If your life was a garden, would it be full of weeds and unwanted pests or would it be overflowing with flowers and nourishing gifts from your Mother Earth? Negative thoughts and energies are like weeds in the garden of life. They pop-up everywhere and seem to grow much faster than the positive things we actually want to cultivate. Most of us feel like we are constantly battling weeds.

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A 20 Year Journey Into Wicca

Like so many others, I grew up surrounded by Christian friends and family. Thus, when I was introduced to Wicca and Witchcraft in 1997. I had a lot of misinformation to deal with before I could truly embrace these paths.

As I connected with Wiccans and Witches around the world, I discovered a warm, open-minded and very tolerant group of people. Some shared their love of aromatherapy, herbs or gardening with me, while others enjoyed talking about their connection with animals.  Virtually everyone enjoyed the outdoors and had a deep respect for our Mother Earth. Contrary to what I had been taught in church, I found no “evil” in their beliefs or practices.

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Are You a Spiritual Tourist?

What is a “Spiritual Tourist”?  I recently stumbled upon this interesting topic in our forums. The concern was whether or not a person should be taking parts of different paths and religions that they liked to weave together into their own religious path. I wanted to share my thoughts on this topic.
A tourist is described as someone who travels. Most of us do this for pleasure. We want to explore new places, learn new things and expand our horizons. If a person wants to explore different religious beliefs, they can be described as a religious or spiritual tourist.  I use the term SPIRITUAL tourist  because RELIGIOUS tourist usually refers to those who travel to PLACES.  In this article, we are focused on visiting the BELIEFS or traditions and practices of other religions, not their locations.

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Wiccan Rede and Law of Three

Most every Wiccan is familiar with the Wiccan Rede and Law of Three.   Through them we learn the basic principles of Wicca.

The Full Wiccan Rede begins with “Bide within the Law you must, in perfect Love and perfect Trust.  Live you must and let to live, fairly take and fairly give.” And it is summed up with the well known “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will”

Growing up around Christians, I often heard this interpreted as “They have no morals … they just do whatever they want!” Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Harming none means treating ALL things with respect, from the smallest of creatures to the Earth herself.  It’s a responsibility we do our best to honor. Harm None includes yourself too.  If you deny your body proper nutrition or rest, your health wanes and the energies that would normally flow through your life can get blocked.  You are actually cutting yourself off from the Divine!  Do your best to uphold this law at all times. IAs long as your thoughts and actions harm none, the Divine is fine with what you choose to do.

Wiccans and Witches also know that whatever energy or actions they send out, whether it be negative or positive, will come back to them threefold.  This is known as the Law of Threefold Return or Law of Three. This Universal Law is also sometimes referred to as the Law of Return, the Law of Attraction, or Karma.  No matter what path you choose to follow, you should understand that the thoughts and actions you send out into the Universe will come back to you in kind and often three times more intensely.

We’ll touch on the Wiccan Rede and Law of Three throughout this blog. Always keep them in your heart as you explore your path in depth.