Who Should We Be Giving Thanks to?

Growing up, I was taught to give thanks to God for the food food I ate.  We were told to thank the creator, not the creation, for the gifts we received. That sounded logical, except that Mother Earth was considered a creation of the Divine and not really Divine herself.

I believe with all my heart that the Divine or Universal energy is in ALL things.  When we express thanks, it should not matter what aspect of the One we are communicating with. The gratitude is sent forth into the Universe and acknowledged.

I used to simply thank Mother Earth for the food she provided.  But all too often my food consisted of processed items that did not come straight from the earth.  Thus, I started thanking the food itself for sharing its life-force with me.

This may sound odd to some, but since the Divine is in ALL things, I feel as though I am still giving thanks to the One and it makes me more aware of what I am actually putting into my body.

For example, when I pick up a crisp, juicy apple, I know I am eating something from Mother Earth’s own kitchen and its pure ingredients will benefit my body, mind and spirit.  But a slice of apple pie, while absolutely delicious, is processed by someone else and no longer has the pure health benefits of the apple.And homemade cookies or candies are so highly processed, they tend to harm our bodies rather than heal them like Mother Earth’s foods do. While I can’t bring myself to thank these latter foods for their nutrition, I do thank them for the momentary pleasure I get when I choose to indulge in them!  For the most part though, I try to eat from Mother Earth’s kitchen as much as possible.

I don’t want to discourage you from enjoying homemade treats or dishes, especially at gatherings and celebrations.  However it’s helpful to be aware of whether your choices will rejuvenate you or slow it down. The choice is always yours.

Mother Earth’s gifts of fresh fruits and vegetables from her own “kitchen” can refresh your body, mind and spirit.  And you’ll see the benefits from these gifts whether you choose to give thanks to a personal deity. the Goddess, God, Mother Earth or the food itself.

Peace and health be with you,

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