What is Magic ?

When something happens that we have no explanation for, we tend to refer to the event as magical or miraculous. Many feel that if we can explain how something works, there is no real magic to it.

Some even insist there is no such thing as “magic”, because ALL things have an explanation, even if we currently do not understand what it is or how it works. If we simply define it as something with no known explanation, our lives might eventually become void of magic, as technology continued to reveal its secrets.  But magic is much more than that.  

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Creating Your Own Book of Shadows or Grimoire

A Book of Shadows (BOS) is one of the most important tools a Witch has. Some have been passed down through Covens or from one individual to another, but today most are written by solitary practitioners.  It’s basically your magical diary or journal, where you record all your experiences, rituals, spells and lore. 

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Escaping The Broom Closet

Do you feel confined to the broom closet when it comes to your beliefs?  As I began to write this article I started to wonder if this was actually such a bad thing.  Yes, if we view the “broom closet” as a hiding place, it can make what we keep there feel wrong or bad, and this is NOT good.  But if we think of it as a special place to store away the personal things that are sacred to us, it can be a beneficial thing.  This is especially true when others do not understand the true meaning or value of what is kept there. 

For those wanting to step out of the broom closet, we have the following suggestions:

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A Note to Pagan Teens With Christian Parents

For those who are under 18 and/or living with someone that forbids the practice of Wicca or other Pagan paths in their home, please respect their wishes. You can privately study other religions or paths until you turn 18, or until you move into your own place. At this point you will be free to openly follow the path you feel is best for you without causing so much stress to those around you.

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Sharing Pagan Beliefs with Christian Friends and Family

Will Good People Be Punished?

Note: This article contains scripture quotes simply as reference for those who are trying to discuss beliefs with Christian friends or family.

If you walk a non Christian path, sooner or later someone will try to tell you that no matter how good a person you are, you can still be sent to hell.   To most, this just sounds absurd!    Even many Christians who teach this doctrine have trouble understanding or explaining it.

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Talking to the Goddess

In this modern age, we can communicate with most of our friends and family instantly. We relay messages by phone, text or Internet posts and in most cases, a response is immediate. Easy, fast and clear communication is what we expect today, no matter what part of the world we are trying to connect with. The Goddess is not a world away from us. Most agree that the Divine is WITHIN us and can be found in everything around us as well. So why then, do so many feel disconnected from a force that resides within them?

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A Bountiful Garden of Life

A Bountiful Garden of Life

If your life was a garden, would it be full of weeds and unwanted pests or would it be overflowing with flowers and nourishing gifts from your Mother Earth? Negative thoughts and energies are like weeds in the garden of life. They pop-up everywhere and seem to grow much faster than the positive things we actually want to cultivate. Most of us feel like we are constantly battling weeds.

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